Developing Authentic Teaching Materials

5 Top Tips

Teaching materials is a generic term used to describe the resources teachers use to deliver instruction. Teaching materials can support student learning and increase student success. Ideally, the teaching materials will be tailored to the content in which they’re being used, etc. In general, teachers can develop their own materials for  learners to achieve the objectives or to fulfil the learner’s need. In doing this, materials should be adapted to different learners in different settings following some  principles.

Here are 5 top tips you can follow to actively engage your students and help them feel personally connected to their learning:

  • Connect what you are teaching to real life: An easy way to help students feel personally connected to what they’re being taught is to talk about how they can apply the material in real life. Choose culturally relevant material connected to their own cultures in texts  to help your students see the connections between what they’re learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Use student´s interests :Find creative ways to adapt standards-based content to the fun things your students are excited about.Example: let them to integrate their personal hobbies , music, reading, media,sports,etc.
  • Present material in different formats: Every student in your classroom learns differently. So it’s important to recognize that differentiated instruction isn’t just for helping students with special needs—it’s the best way to engage all learners, try to incorporate different activities for multiple intelligencies classes.
  • Teach students self-assessment skills: Let students log on a rubric, chart or graph whether they’ve been able to complete a pre-defined problem or task. Viewing an explicit graphical representation of their performance can have a highly motivating effect on students.
  • Emphasize the importance of emotion in learning.Focus on creating a positive and stimulating learning environment for students to enhance their learning.

Source & references: 2011,Tomlinson,Material Development in Language Teaching,CUP.


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