Simple Ways to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning in class

Emotional intelligence: why it matters and how to teach it


Teaching young people skills such as active listening, self-awareness and empathy can equip them to succeed both academically and socially…

  1.  Start the day with a check-in.
  2. Use story time for teachable moments.
  3. Work in Partnership
  4. Teach them how to work in group
  5. Nurture a culture of kidness
  6. Give them new words to say
  7. Set up a Peace Place
  8. Teach your students how to manage conflict with peer mediation. 
  9. Use anchor charts to teach social-emotional skills.
  10. Practice lots of role-play.
  11. Allow for talk time.
  12. Play games to build community.1702-SocialEmotional-illusCobb
  13. Build community with teams.
  14. Teach them to monitor their own progress.
  15. Hold class meetings.
  16. Make space for reflective writing.
  17. Encourage expression through art.
  18. Assign interview projects.
  19. Put them to work.
  20. End each day with a checkout


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