Lic. Florencia L.Morgillo

     Over twenty years ago now I set off on a plane for London (U.K.) to take a  course on Teaching English  in preparation for some months abroad, learning about English language and culture. I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed it and some weeks in London, turned into a couple of  months in England and Scotland studying about language, art and culture; followed by some more time around Europe. A brief pause back in Argentina to finish an English Language Simultaneous Interpreter degree and then some more months taking up  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  (TESOL) courses in Boston, U.S.A , before I finally came back to Argentina to complete my career with post graduated studies in EduTech, ICT and Digital learning and a post graduated degree, Licenciada en Inglés, in Applied Linguistics and  Materials design .

      During this time I have taught young learners, teenagers and adults, ESP, General English and  become  ELT Consultant and  teacher trainer, exam Tester for the  Pearson Pte General I have been lucky enough to work for the ELT Publishing sector, Richmond Grupo Santillana.Since then, I start giving talks about authentic learning through authentic contents and materials (ELT Speaker at F.A.A.P.I. 2017).

      Now happily settled in Misiones,Argentina, with a lovely family, I don’t travel anywhere near as much as I used to, but increasingly find the internet a fantastic way to keep in touch with teachers and students around the world.

         I am enthusiastic about starting this edublog on a subject very close to me…creating and sharing ELT materials.

       Close to me  because these days I spend most of my time writing and researching materials for English Language Teaching (ELT ). I love it and, obviously, I hope you enjoy using these materials  too.

     The idea behind this blog is to share some tips and ideas for creating and using digital didactic materials in the ELT Class.I love  to blog and I think it’s going to be fun. Hope you enjoy it too.